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The amazing group of teachers and education practitioners who joined me for 'Supporting Anxiety Through Outdoor Learning' back in April are still inspiring me now. When I look back on the day I realise how fortunate we were in so many ways. During a week that had snowed, we hit a morning of glorious sunshine. We enjoyed each other's company, got hands on with practical activities, to support anxiety, discussed our current situations and how best to support our children, and all whilst enjoying the blaze and calm of the campfire. Thankyou all for coming and giving so much to the morning - the group was small, but the ideas and learning were BIG.

​Feedback was all 5 stars and I look forward to continuing the relationships formed today with other staff from the settings that attended.

Dana "Super, powerful training!" 5 stars

Nicola "
Attended this course today and really recommend it. Great mix of information, discussion and practical activities, excellent handouts and good quality coffee around a camp fire! I learnt such a lot about how I can support others (and how to help myself!). Looking forward to putting it all into practice." 5 stars

​Sarah - Jane "A great course the best I have been on for years. Lots of practical ideas that you can immediately work on with your class. When is the next one?" 5 stars

<![CDATA[Special Offer on course booked in January Blues window!]]>Tue, 16 Jan 2018 22:32:22 GMThttp://euonymus.co.uk/news/special-offer-on-course-booked-in-january-blues-windowBuy one course, get one half price!

To brighten up what is known as the 'blue' point in the year we are offering a booking discount for any course bookings taken before February 15th 2018 quoting the discount code JANBLUES. 

The discount can be applied for one person booking 2 courses, or for 2 people booking the same course. 

​Don't forget to quote the code on your booking form.
<![CDATA[Happy New Year!]]>Thu, 11 Jan 2018 22:46:23 GMThttp://euonymus.co.uk/news/happy-new-yearWelcome to 2018. 
​I am greatly looking forward to an exciting year for Euonymus. We are beginning to forge links with local businesses, schools, pre schools and individual parents as well as becoming better known for our quality training packages and nurturing attitude.

Our recent training sessions with Pippins pre-school in Sawston, focussing on reducing language for instructions and using language to support behaviou
r management, have been extremely well received and immediately implemented. It was an absolute pleasure to work with such committed staff and we have forged a strong working relationship which I am confident will continue into the future.

​On a more global note it is interesting to see it becoming increasingly documented and discussed how important it is to get outside and to know more about our natural environment. It is becoming widely known how important this is in order to protect and sustain our natural resources, as well as to look after our own mental health and that of our children. T
he importance of free play for children's development ,and the use of natural spaces to support this, is also becoming greatly discussed. Forest Schools are becoming increasingly popular and interestingly the Government have made supporting mental health a statutory duty for schools as concerns for the wellbeing of our children increase. 

Not long ago Newsnight aired an interesting documentary on the importance of nature for our own wellbeing and for the sustainability of our environment. It is well worth a watch.                                   
urther attention was also directed to the point raised about lack of nature 'Literacy
' when it was realised that names of plants and trees have been dropped from the dictionary due to lack of use. This instigated a petition via change.org to get them reinstated.

Most recently have come the widespread concerns about the use of smart phones and social media and the impact of these on wellbeing.

So with all that in mind let's make 2018 the year we get outside more. The year we spend time allowing our children to play predominantly in Natural environments, rather than predominantly on smartphones or tablets. The year we all learn a little bit more about the names of the plants, birds, trees and animals that we share our local spaces with. 

​My own very exciting first step to make this a reality is a joint purchase of some local woodland with a number of other families. Our aim is to protect and develop our piece of land and enjoy the use of our natural space alongside our children.  My personal goal for this year is to learn to recognise and name each and every tree within it, and hopefully share my increasing knowledge with my own two bundles of energy! Wish me luck!

<![CDATA[Euonymus - who, what and why?]]>Fri, 22 Sep 2017 13:04:01 GMThttp://euonymus.co.uk/news/euonymus-who-what-and-whyEuonymus Training and Nurture has been set up in response to a growing level of concern about pupil, family and teacher well being, in particular in relation to quality training and support. In discussion with colleagues across the country, it appears my personal concerns are widespread. A need has further arisen to support practitioners, pupils and families to understand, navigate and support the needs of individuals in a one size fits all system.

From working within the Primary Education System for over 16 years as a teacher, Deputy Head and Inclusion Manager I have gained a wealth of experience working with pupils with SEND, SEMH concerns and those who just don’t quite fit inside the ‘expected’ shaped hole. It is increasingly noticeable that it is not only the children, but also the adults who need to be nurtured. More often than not the wellbeing and development of adults, children and practitioners are all intertwined. The two strands of Training and Nurture that Euonymus offers, seek to help parents and professionals to support each other, their children and themselves, in order to find a positive pathway for all.

With my interest in wellbeing I have trained as a level 3 sports massage therapist as well as studying aromatherapy massage. I hold a certificate in child and adolescent counselling, have completed CAMHS training for supporting mental health of children and adolescents and have a diploma in CBT counselling techniques. In addition I have trained to support individuals to manage personal stress and mental challenges through the use of TFT.

The importance of outdoor spaces and working within nature for improved health, wellbeing and development has been increasingly well documented over at least the last decade. Working with Cambridge Forest Schools , Euonymus offer a special training and therapeutic environment with a ‘natural’ perspective to further compliment their sessions.

As a Mum of two lovely (and at times extremely challenging) children I have been both on the inside and outside of the home/ school conundrum and am fully aware of the many pressures that parents experience each day. A listening ear with knowledge of the system can go an awfully long way, but is not always available due to time and resourcing. A little extra help to understand what is expected and what practical strategies are available to us as teachers and/or parents can make us feel more confident and able to meet the needs of our children.

Training with Euonymus in small groups allows parents and professionals a supportive, non judgemental forum to develop their skills, understanding and practical resources.

Combine this with, or simply choose, one of The Nurture sessions to access personal support and relaxation offering respite, relaxation and reflection to help develop internal resources to meet the demands of everyday living.]]>